Alexa and I met years ago in Madison Wisconsin when she was doing a church mission. She came to my house for dinner, she even helped us when we moved out of our apartment! I was SO DANG EXCITED when she contacted me saying she was getting married. Not only that, she was coming back to Wisconsin WITH her fiancé for summer work and while she was here she wanted me to take her engagement photos.... I guess after she left Wisconsin she went to school, did summer sales, met Cody and the rest is history! They fell in love and then they became the most adorable couple EVER!!! When we were choosing a location she talked about how she just missed the green of Wisconsin and the rolling hills and that we can just do something around Madison... but I had bigger plans :). I mentioned to her I knew of this gorgeous State Park just above Milwaukee (where they were working at the time)... and that if we went here we'd not only get green rolling hills... but we'd get sand and water and golden grasses because it's one of the prettiest places I've been in this state. She took my recommendation (yay!) and I made the 1.5 hour drive to meet these two love birds on the most GORGEOUS August evening and well... the photos speak for themselves... just scroll to see the gorgeousness that unfolded!