One room, so many possibilities

Sometimes with newborn shoots you have multiple rooms and spaces to work with. Other times a family has just moved or has other reasons for not having other options in the house and there is only one space to work with... when that room happens to be a gorgeous sunroom I consider myself the luckiest in home photographer ever! There was a light dusting of clouds outside to give us soft filtered light, we had the neutral back drop of post winter Wisconsin trees, and a beautifully simple room with a white rug and a chair. I love simple... all the focus is drawn to the baby and the family. We spent 2 hours together in this space and no time was wasted... I love capturing the more posed moments but also all the in between moments. While mom nursed, big sis showed me her twirls and climbed on the chair and played with dad... every moment counted and was of value to encapsulating this moment as a new family of 4.... and it was all done in this beautiful sunroom. I loved meeting this beautiful family and sharing in the joy of bringing a new baby sister into the world. Enjoy the images!