You've booked your family photos (yay! I can't wait!)... you have a date set... and now... the hard part... the outfits... THE OUTFITS!! GAAHHH, why are these so stressful... I'm a photographer and this still has the ability to set my head spinning for days. So... I've decided to write out my favorite tips for you so that you and I, together, can create your perfect family photos.

Why does wardrobe matter? Professional photos are different that the every day photos you take with your phone, I aim to create art of your family, that you will use in your home and cherish for years to come. You become the focal point of the compositions I create and your wardrobe is a part of that piece of art! That being said I want families to dress like themselves... if you have never worn or been interested in a boho style maxi dress before then don't feel like that is what you have to wear for beautiful photos (I mention this because it's a popular style right now)... your style is enough! I'm just going to give you tips to enhance and coordinate your style to look amazing in photos.

There are two places to start... 1) A color palate that you love 2) with YOU! (or with a piece of clothing that you find for someone in your family that you love).

Starting with a color palate you like

Let's talk color palate. I tend to guide people toward earth tones, they look beautiful in photos and are easy to cross coordinate with each other! Since I also do most my photos outside all of these colors go beautifully with outdoor scenery. I suggest picking 2-3 colors that compliment each other and then mix in some neutrals to balance out the color. And don't be afraid of prints! Breaking up solids with prints is a fun way to add variety to your outfits (often you can find your coordinating colors within that print to tie everything together beautifully!)

Earth tones with a pop of color, I love a good pop of color... Here they chose the two cohesive colors and mixed them with the cognac brown and cream and jeans (which work as neutrals).

A beautiful more muted earth tone and neutrals combination.

Starting with YOu

I'm saying this for the women reading this... you want to feel beautiful and confident in your photos... there is no shame in starting with YOU first. Find that dress or that outfit you love, that you feel beautiful in, flattered by, and comfortable in. Sometimes just starting with a single piece can then set the tone for the rest of the outfits you choose. Below this beautiful mom found this yellow dress that she loved... she loved how it looked, she loved the print, she loved the color... she made all the other outfits work around it... adding in the green as another accent color and the gray and white as complimentary neutrals. Starting with you is a wonderful place to start!

A wonderful example of how starting with you can be the catalyst for amazing family photo outfits.

This family shows a wonderful combination of colors, prints and textures. There are solids, florals, corduroy, jeans and chinos... I love mixing all three of these elements!

Consider movement

You should always wear what makes you feel like you and what you are comfortable in but if dresses fall under that category then why not wear a dress! They are so flattering in photoshoots and they provide movement that is not only gorgeous but they can also add an element of fun in photos. Dresses can create visual interest and can be so fun to work with. The photos I take with you will contain LOTS of movement and a dress will only enhance that... we will have a lot of fun!

STudio or in home styling

Keeping it simple is the vibe I like to go for an in-home or a studio session. Neutral colors, cozy pieces, and clothes that look natural as you cuddle up on a couch or play with your kids barefoot on the floor. These are what feel the most natural in these types of sessions.

This mom and her sweet girls are rocking the casual jeans and neutral sweater look for their studio shoot.


We are going to have so much fun so dress cute and coordinated but do not sacrifice comfort. Steer away from bright colors where one person overpowers the other and choose colors and styles that complement each other... you can go for a more casual vibe, a formal look, and even somewhere in the middle... just keep it cohesive, comfortable, and reflective of who you are as a couple! If you want to do an outfit change consider pieces that are easily interchangeable or layering with certain pieces that can give you a different vibe if added or taken away. I can't wait to work with you and your love and capture your beautiful relationship!

What if it's cold

Three words... Cute warm layers. When planning your outfits consider the season! If you find a dress you love but it has short sleeves and your photoshoot is in October have a cardigan, or nice jacket that compliment your outfits but will keep you and your family comfortable during a session! You can even plan on mittens and beanies that work with your outfits as well. During colder times I also try and bring a couple neutral "cute" blankets to wrap around the kids to give them warm up breaks... but if they can't let them go, they will still look cute in pictures :)... staying on top of warmth and comfort will keep kids happy and help the session go along smoothly and happily! Who doesn't want that :)

This family incorperated perfectly coordinated cute, warm layers... layers add visual interest and texture and keep everyone happy and warm!

Most importantly

No matter what you choose, I want you to feel like yourselves and that when you see your photos you can see how beautiful you all are together... just as you are. That is my job... that is what I strive to do for every family... to show you what you look like together, in a slightly more done up but still genuinely authentic way ;). I want to show you your joy, your love, your laughter, your fun, your interactions through photos and create art of and for your family that you will cherish forever. As always I am here to help you if you need suggestions! Happy wardrobing!