Adventure sessions are everything I love about photography and life coming together in perfect harmony. The reason I fell in love with photography in the first place was because of the magic I could create with my camera when I was out doing what I loved... I would take it along to family outings and take photos of my nieces and nephews doing their thing, or on camping trips, hikes, on trips photographing my children in their element just being children... I LOVE photographing people doing what they love, it is my favorite thing in the world.

Adventure sessions came to me one night as I was unable to sleep (aren't all the best ideas just like that? who needs sleep!) I just thought how could I bring together my love for lifestyle photography with my love for adventure and experiences.... and you guessed it, Adventure sessions were born! I want to offer sessions centered around some of the most special experiences and places in peoples lives! Capturing a family or couple at their cabin or lake house, on their favorite hike or at their favorite camping spot, at their favorite local ice cream shop, or at the beach. During the session I capture everything from a traditional family photo to playing in the water, swinging, sharing a picnic together, playing, hiking, blowing bubbles... whatever it is that you love to do together. The purpose is to get you the kind of photos that bring your memories to life so that you never forget how it felt to be at that place, or in that moment for the rest of your life.

Every session will come with a custom 8x8 album of your adventure session because these memories deserve to be preserved. Adventure sessions aren't meant to be something you do every single year (unless you want to! I'm always up for an adventure)... but they are meant to be something special and unique. We will get together over video chat or a phone call and plan the session so that we can make sure we capture everything that is meaningful to you and make the most out of our time together. Adventure sessions are INCREDIBLE and it is my hope that everyone does one at least once in their lives! Head on over to my contact page and let's get planning!! (Also... I am ALWAYS willing to travel!)

This family spends many summer days at their grandparent's lake house on Lake Wisconsin. Before the session we had a phone call to plan what we were going to capture during my 3 hours with this family. We planned outfits, a picnic, various activities we could do with the children and a wardrobe change! We couldn't go to a lake house and not have our adventure take us to the lake. The kids LOVE jumping off the docks and swimming together, we also whipped out the kayaks and even had the family spend some time in their favorite spot... the hot tub... we really can do anything we want during an adventure session! The best part of it all is everyone is so relaxed and having such a great time together you hardly even know your photos are being taken... the natural smiles and joy you see in every photo is priceless. At the end of this session this family had all the things they love about their time at a the lake house documented with beautiful photos that they didn't have to worry about taking. Imagine... being a parent and actually BEING IN the photos during your family outing or vacation! I don't know about you but it is a rare thing for me to be in any of the photos because I am taking them all the time! Enjoy looking through this beautiful gallery of this family being together in one of their favorite places!