A blurb about the camera lady

Funny how life works, isn't it? I started out as a nurse, not a photographer.  I never imagined my passion would shift to photographing people instead of caring for patients. It all began with my own kids. Our messy, beautiful, everyday life ignited a spark in me – a burning need to freeze those fleeting moments in time.  Without them, I might never have realized that I wanted to be a photographer. I may never have had the confidence to change courses in my life. But here I am!

My journey as a nurse taught me that life is precious and that the ordinary moments become the most meaningful. My journey as a mother has taught me that life's greatest beauty lies in its imperfections –  the laughs, the chaos, the loving relationships. That's the magic I want to capture for you. I don't chase perfect poses; I embrace the real, the raw, and the authentic. My camera is my tool to tell your unique story. Expect laughter, a bit of playful chaos, and pictures brimming with real joy.  Because that's what you deserve  – images that help you feel the memories, not just see them. I'll help you showcase your true selves and preserve the moments you are living right now.