March 25, 2022

Regnart family in home lifestyle session

lifestyle family session, In home family session

I was so excited when I met this family in person... they are as fun and lovely as these pictures show. I met them through... you guessed it... social media. Yes... that's how I meet people these days :). Sarah heard about me from a friend and started following me on instagram... when I needed a gorgeous, photogenic, fun, easy going family to be my models for an in home family session she offered their family and their home and I feel like I won the lottery! Every space in their home was beautifully decorated with a gorgeous boho vibe... it was a photographers dream! And their kids... they were so excited to have their photos taken... also a photographers dream :). She followed my vision to a T and I was so excited from the moment I walked in.

I just LOVE in home family sessions! I mean how nice is it that you don't have to even leave your house... no piling kids into a car, worrying about being late, or having kids ruin their clothes on the drive. And on top of all that... you get to be in the comfort of your own home... the kids are at ease... there is plenty of snuggle space and there are so many opportunities for natural and effortless photos of the whole family... Also, did I mention that it can be rain or shine... 20 degrees or 90 degrees outside... and none of it matters... because you are inside the comfort of your own beautiful home... so who wants to invite me over next?!

Let's see this beautiful family...